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my name is marianne i am from kinneff and i am a student at aberdeen college

Northsound one

Northsound one

Thursday, 13 December 2007

Hollyoaks intro


Today in Web blog our Tutor asked us to group up and walk around the College taking photos. The photos had to be something that interested us but we were not allowed to take photos of people. This is a photo out the window of a plant.

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Interview with Flora Macdonald

My name is Marianne Mcbay and I am going to interview Flora Macdonald.

Q Where were you born?

A in the island of South Uist in the Hebrides

Q What did your father work as?

A He worked as a tenant farmer.

Q Did you know Bonnie prince Charlie?

A yes, we were on the run together.

Q Is this who you married?

A No, I am married to Allan Macdonald.

Q What does he work as?

A He is the same as my foster father, a Clanranald in command of king Georges troopers on Benbecula.

Q What was it like being on the run With Bonnie prince Charlie?

A I was found and imprisoned in Dunstaffnage Castle and then spent sometime in a tower in London.

Q Did you ever see Bonnie Prince Charlie after this.

A No

This week at college

This week in web Design i finished my web page and on Wednesday i did an assesment in personel and office so i hope i did well!!!!

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Shambala Page 13

You have just left and you cant believe you have made it. You see the mountains and feel very lucky to be alive!!!!
This week at college has been interesting. I didnt come to college on Wednesday so i will have to catch up next week.

Thursday, 1 November 2007

When i finish College

When i have finished my college course i would like to go on and do my HNC. After that i would like to get a job repairing computers and puting them together. I also find designing web pages very interesting.

October holidays

In the October holidays I spent a lot of time out with friends. I went away for a few days with a friend which was great fun. I sent the weekend working in a restaurant called Casa Gabrielle which I enjoy. I really enjoyed my October Holidays.

Favourite band

I dont really have a favourite song or band. I like listening to everything and speand alot of time listening to northsound one.
The highlight of my week was last night. It was halloween and i went out. It was a great laugh dressing up.

Thursday, 18 October 2007

braemare witch project 3

i suddenly get hit over the head by sumone i dislike!!!!

Today is thursday and i have just had web design. This is my best class!!! I enjoy it because I find the class interesting!!! We had software development on monday and i found it difficult but enjoyed it.