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Northsound one

Northsound one

Thursday, 29 November 2007

Interview with Flora Macdonald

My name is Marianne Mcbay and I am going to interview Flora Macdonald.

Q Where were you born?

A in the island of South Uist in the Hebrides

Q What did your father work as?

A He worked as a tenant farmer.

Q Did you know Bonnie prince Charlie?

A yes, we were on the run together.

Q Is this who you married?

A No, I am married to Allan Macdonald.

Q What does he work as?

A He is the same as my foster father, a Clanranald in command of king Georges troopers on Benbecula.

Q What was it like being on the run With Bonnie prince Charlie?

A I was found and imprisoned in Dunstaffnage Castle and then spent sometime in a tower in London.

Q Did you ever see Bonnie Prince Charlie after this.

A No


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